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Joe Cole pick his Best Teammates 11

chelsea England football team line up premier league teammates xi

Joe Cole pick his Best Teammates 11


Joe Cole on his Team: 

GK: Petr Cech
"Petr was a force of nature. What I believed a goalkeeper could be, he was just even better."
RB: Paulo Ferreira
"I think I'm going to go for which may take people by surprise, I'm going to go with Paulo. Very good defensively, good positionally, and would always give you the ball at the right time."
CB: Ricardo Carvalho
"I could've chosen Rio but Ricardo was brilliant with John Terry."
CB: John Terry
"The two together at centre-back just had great chemistry."
LB: Ashley Cole
"This is the easiest position to choose: Ashley Cole. Beautifully perfect as a defender and he could get forward and hurt you as well."
CM: Frank Lampard
"In that era, he was brilliant as a box-to-box all-action midfielder who can get you goals."
CM: Steven Gerrard 
"Stevie G could win you a game out of nowhere."
RM: Arjen Robben
 "I only played with him for 18 months, but he was just an incredible footballer. He kept breaking down with injuries at Chelsea, I think the Premier League might've been too robust for him."
AM: Wayne Rooney
"We undervalue him as a nation. A fantastic, unbelievable goalscorer, but his all-round game was also brilliant."
LM: Eden Hazard 
"I'm not going to discount that rumour [that Joe Cole convinced Hazard to sign for Chelsea]. We spoke about it briefly, every club in the world wanted him. Him and Robben either side would be something to behold."
ST: Didier Drogba 
"There's only one man for me and that's Didier. Big games, helped us out defensively from set pieces, you knew he was going to score in a cup final."
Source - 90 Min

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