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Jamie Carragher's toughest players he’s played against 11

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Jamie Carragher's toughest players he’s played against 11
Jamie Carragher's toughest players he’s played against 11 
GK - Gianluigi Buffon
'I was born on the same day as him and scored against him so it always gives me a chance to get that story in. But he was a great goalkeeper and certainly the best of his generation.'
RB - Cafu & LB - Paolo Maldini
'I think the easiest ones are possibly the full-backs - Paolo Maldini and Cafu. I came up against them in 2005 in the Champions League final and they weren't just the best full-backs of their generation, I actually believe they are the two best full backs of all time, I don't think there are too many arguments with that.'
CB - Marcel Desailly
'Centre-back wise with Marcel Desailly, in the Premier League, I don't think he showed what he had done before, certainly at AC Milan. But in certain games against Liverpool, it was like men against boys when he really wanted to turn it on.'
CB - John Terry
'For me, John Terry has been the best Premier League centre-back, certainly in my time watching football. There are plenty of other centre-backs I could have put in there, but I wanted to get a Premier League player in there and I think he's been as good as anyone.'
DM - Roy Keane
'I probably wanted Roy Keane a little bit more central in the holding position, so he'd be in the centre. I was thinking about what other players you would come up against, maybe Andrea Pirlo - who is a completely different player to Keane in that position - but what Keane would give you sitting in front of the back four is organisation, the energy and the challenges playing from there.'
CM - Xavi & Iniesta 
'The midfield, in terms of Xavi and Andres Iniesta, picks itself. What they did for Barcelona makes them absolute superstars, both of them.'
RF - Lionel Messi & LF - Cristiano Ronaldo
'I look at the front three and certainly anyone from my generation, it would be Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.'
CF - Thierry Henry
'For me, that is Thierry Henry, who I think is the greatest Premier League player of all time and certainly my toughest opponent. That Arsenal Invincibles [2003-04] team he played in and the two or three years around that would certainly be the toughest opponent I played at and that's home and abroad.'


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