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When Siniša Mihajlović Scored a Free-Kick Hat-Trick

When Siniša Mihajlović Scored a Free-Kick Hat-Trick


3/12/98 - Lazio 5-2 Sampdoria - Siniša Mihajlović Free-Kick Hat-Trick 

GK - Luca Marchegiani
Italian goalkeeper who played for Lazio for many years. He was known for his solid performances and played a crucial role in Lazio's success during that era.
RB - Paolo Negro
Italian right-back who contributed to Lazio's defensive stability during the late 1990s.
CB - Alessandro Nesta
One of the best Italian defenders of his generation, Nesta was a rock in Lazio's defense. He later went on to have a successful career with AC Milan.
CB - Siniša Mihajlović
Serbian defender known for his powerful free-kicks and tough defensive style. He was a key figure in Lazio's defense during this period.
LB - Giuseppe Pancaro
Italian left-back who played for Lazio and contributed to the team's success in various competitions.
RM - Sérgio Conceição
Portuguese winger who provided width and attacking flair to the team.
CM - Matías Almeyda
Argentine midfielder known for his tenacity and work rate in the midfield.
CM - Dejan Stanković
Serbian midfielder who was technically gifted and played a crucial role in Lazio's midfield.
LM - Iván de la Peña
Spanish midfielder known for his creativity and skill on the ball.
ST - Marcelo Salas 
Chilean striker who was a prolific goal-scorer for Lazio during this period.
ST - Roberto Mancini
Italian forward who later became a successful manager. He was a key player for Lazio during his playing career.

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