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Premier League x Real Madrid Combined 11

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Premier League x Real Madrid Combined 11
Thibaut Courtois (Goalkeeper):
Thibaut Courtois is a Belgian goalkeeper known for his immense height, reflexes, and shot-stopping ability. He has played for both Chelsea in the Premier League and Real Madrid. Courtois made his name at Chelsea before moving to Real Madrid, where he has continued to establish himself as one of the top goalkeepers in the world.
Raphaël Varane (Center-Back):
Raphaël Varane is a French center-back who has gained widespread recognition for his elegance on the ball, exceptional defensive skills, and speed. He spent the majority of his professional career at Real Madrid, forming a formidable partnership with Sergio Ramos in defense. Varane's ability to read the game and contribute to building attacks from the back has made him a highly sought-after defender.
Ricardo Carvalho (Center-Back):
Ricardo Carvalho is a retired Portuguese center-back who is best known for his time at Chelsea in the Premier League. While he didn't play for Real Madrid, he did have a successful partnership with José Mourinho at both Porto and Chelsea. Carvalho was known for his tactical intelligence, positioning, and strong defensive capabilities.
Antonio Rüdiger (Center-Back):
Antonio Rüdiger is a German center-back who has played for Chelsea in the Premier League. Known for his physicality, pace, and ability to read the game, Rüdiger has been a solid presence in Chelsea's defense. He has also showcased versatility by playing in various defensive roles.
Claude Makélélé (Defensive Midfielder):
Claude Makélélé is a retired French defensive midfielder who played for both Chelsea in the Premier League and Real Madrid. He's often credited with popularizing the "Makélélé role," a deep-lying midfield position focused on intercepting passes, breaking up opposition attacks, and distributing the ball efficiently. His positional awareness and ability to shield the defense made him an integral part of successful teams.
Luka Modrić (Central Midfielder):
Luka Modrić is a Croatian midfielder who has excelled at Real Madrid. He's widely regarded as one of the finest midfielders of his generation, known for his exceptional dribbling, passing range, vision, and playmaking ability. Modrić played a pivotal role in Real Madrid's success, including their consecutive UEFA Champions League victories.
David Beckham (Right Midfielder):
David Beckham is an English football icon who played for both Manchester United in the Premier League and Real Madrid. Known for his iconic free-kicks, pinpoint crossing, and exceptional passing, Beckham's influence extended beyond the field due to his global popularity and branding.
Mesut Özil (Left Midfielder):
Mesut Özil is a German attacking midfielder who played for Arsenal in the Premier League. Known for his creative flair, superb vision, and ability to provide assists, Özil was a key playmaker for Arsenal. His ability to unlock defenses with precise passes and intelligent movement made him a fan favorite.
Gareth Bale (Left Forward):
Gareth Bale is a Welsh winger who played for both Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League and Real Madrid. Bale's explosive speed, powerful shots, and ability to score from distance earned him a reputation as one of the most dynamic players in football. His time at Real Madrid saw him win numerous trophies, including several UEFA Champions League titles.
Ruud van Nistelrooy (Center Forward):
Ruud van Nistelrooy is a retired Dutch striker who played for Manchester United in the Premier League. Known for his remarkable goal-scoring instinct, impeccable positioning, and clinical finishing, van Nistelrooy was a prolific striker during his time at United. He consistently found the back of the net and remains one of the Premier League's all-time top scorers.
Cristiano Ronaldo (Right Forward):
Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese forward who played for both Manchester United in the Premier League and Real Madrid. Widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time, Ronaldo is known for his incredible athleticism, goal-scoring prowess, versatility, and dedication to his craft. His time at Real Madrid saw him break numerous records and achieve immense success, including multiple Champions League titles.
Team based on form shown in both the Premier League and for Real Madrid

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